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Bringing a whole new Ridaonline to your home and business

We’re in the process of growing all parts of our business so we can connect more customers to the things and to the people they care about. Our customers can expect the best from us.

We're not your typical company

You’ll notice the difference in our four amazing products: We are the largest class B ISP in India, delivering fastest Internet speeds up to 100Mbps. Ridaonline has ridiculously reliable leased line; more than 700 free wifi hotspots and if you’re looking for entertainment, we’re launching soon our all-digital, crystal clear HDTV in most of our markets.

You’ll notice the difference in our people, too. With Ridaonline, you can expect service with a smile today and every day. We worked hard to create the broadband company you would build for yourself. So let a little Joister into your life—or a lot of Joister—the choice is yours.

What Ridaonline does

We’ve been working non-stop, upgrading and enhancing our infrastructure to create a world-class network of services, built around you. We’re freeing up—and speeding up—the way you live it up. It starts with a blazing-fast broadband network that delivers up to 100Mbps Internet speeds in most of our markets. Download HD movies and TV shows, game online, stream music, send emails, upload videos, surf websites—all at the same time, with no lagging and no waiting. And if you’re looking for entertainment, we’re launching soon our all-digital, crystal clear HDTV packed with loads of great features in most markets. With Ridaonline net, there’s no limit to what you will be able to do!

We’re not business as usual

At Ridaonline, we’re committed to your total satisfaction, delivering the best customer service with no excuses. And we’re not stopping there. We’ve upgraded our equipment to ensure that our network operates at peak performance. From the new look of our logo, to our fleet of new service team, we mean it when we say we’re bringing a whole new Ridaonline to your home and business.

Our strategy

To deliver our vision of using digital to make good things happen we’re focused on two pillars; Doing more good with digital and Growing responsibly and sustainably.

Technology has a big impact on the way we all live and work and we want to help people get the best from it. But it’s not just the technology itself that interests us – what really matters is how it can improve people’s lives. Our vision is to use our know-how, our talented people and a little Ridaonline brand magic to prove that digital makes good things happen – for people, businesses and communities right across India.

Our strategy is going to help us achieve this vision. Our first area of focus is doing more good with digital. This is our long-standing promise to make the power of connectivity benefit our customers and the communities we’re part of. Our second area of focus is Growing responsibly and sustainably. As we roll out our big growth plans through to 2020, we’re going to make sure we grow in a way that’s good for people.

Together we’re making good things happen.


Home Broadband

Whether you are uploading photos or downloading music, Our High Speed Internet service will get the job done with exceptional speeds and reliability.